Director of Marketing and Business Development

By Wendy Stringfellow posted 11-17-2016 08:21


Job Title: Director of Marketing and Business Development

Company: Confidential

Location: Mid-Atlantic Region of U.S.

Job Description:

The Director of Marketing and Business Development is responsible for the firm’s brand and marketing the firm’s industry specialty groups and services. He/she has a collaborative relationship with partners and administrators within the firm and provides leadership to lead the firm in achieving its strategic financial goals. He/she is committed to the firm’s goal of recruiting the brightest young professionals through promotion of the professional development and mentoring programs and by attending and representing the firm at career fairs and recruiting events.

Essential Functions:
• Oversee and facilitate the creation of marketing strategy/plans
• Collaborate with other departments and communicate strategy/plans and gain cooperation of those departments to assist in achieving strategic financial goals
• Direct all marketing and business development initiatives including but not limited to:
1. Firm marketing and business development events
2. Monitoring and documenting marketing goals for both individual partners, industry niches and the firm overall
3. Leveraging CRM system to generate inquiries, leads and nurture prospects
4. Leveraging social media to facilitate marketing plans and grow the business
5. Managing all details of the RFP process and workflow and providing technical guidance to other team members on RFP procedures
6. Developing and maintaining accurate, current database(s) of industry contacts for mailings
7. Preparing an annual marketing budget and accurate monthly reports of all departmental expenditures
8. Creating and updating marketing materials used in business development and recruiting
9. Assisting with recruiting professional staff at recruiting events at universities and association functions
10. Issue press releases on a regular basis proactively.
11. Keep firm website and intranet fresh and up to date
12. Attend association events, representing our industry niches as an advocate and to be an ambassador for firm at industry events

1. Time management
2. Technical capacity
3. Organizational skills
4. Communication proficiency
5. Ability to persuade
6. Social media and general technology proficiency
7. Initiative
8. Positive “can-do” attitude
9. Follow-up and proactive rather than reactive approach
10. Professional presence

Required Education and Experience:
1. BA/BS in Marketing or related business field, MBA preferred
2. At least 10 years of experience in sales and marketing professional services, particularly for public accounting firm including a track record within positions of increasing responsibility
3. Proficiency with social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
4. Strong business knowledge and an understanding of business development, marketing strategy leading to results and achievement of strategic financial goals

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