AAM's Upcoming Events Shine a Light On The Importance Of Firm Communication, How Teams Must Collaborate To Foster Success

By Julie Ellis posted 04-16-2019 16:03


Knowing How To Effectively Communicate And Leverage Skillsets Throughout Your Firm Will Be The Focus Of Upcoming Programming

March 2019 | LEXINGTON, KY
 - The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), has announced its upcoming events, programming and publications.

“The upcoming educational programs will primarily serve to guide individuals on how to successfully collaborate effectively as a team within a firm,” said Lauren Clemmer, AAM's executive director. “These programs will be beneficial to anybody seeking to expand their knowledge and become a better accounting professional.”

AAM, the leading trade association committed to providing educational opportunities and professional support for marketing and business development professionals in the accounting industry, offers a variety of high-quality educational events throughout the year. While membership is required for most of these programs, educational opportunities exist upon request for non-members to participate as well.

AAM High!
AAM High! can be accessed online or via telephone. Open to members and nonmembers, these webinars are affordable and convenient education options. Since Jan. 1, 2019, access to the webinars has been included in the membership dues.

Upcoming programming:

April 17 | Website Planning – Whether you have a newly relaunched website or are still in the early development stages, what does your planning process look like? Attendees will get an in-depth overview of website design and navigation, platform and function, plus ways we've integrated the website throughout the entire marketing funnel.

April 23 | Building a Marketing Team for the Future – Every firm’s marketing needs are unique, and building the right support team is critical for growth and long, happy careers in accounting marketing. This session will give attendees more knowledge to evaluate firm culture in order to effectively build a successful marketing team.

May 7 | M&A Communications: Prep, Mid-Stream and Aftershocks – M&A is an evolving, but still important reality for the accounting industry. Once firms get close to finalizing a deal, communications around the transaction are vital both inside and outside the firms. This webinar will address the pre-communications strategy, mid-stream and follow-up messaging that will be necessary to support seamless ongoing communication with employees, media and clients.

May 23 | Accounting Buyers, NPS, and Lessons for Growth – Did you know that buyers of accounting services rank quality of service as the top factor driving their decision to work with an accounting firm? During this session, attendees will learn about the drivers of customer loyalty, the best practices of client service, and the tangible strategies that will help align your firm’s growth goals around service excellence.

For those who prefer getting their marketing tips and insight in other formats, check out the monthly AAMplify podcast, which features industry experts discussing critical challenges regularly faced by professionals in the accounting industry. Episodes are available on iTunes and Stitcher as well as on YouTube. In the coming months, the episodes will cover more about the following topics:
June | Culture Sho
July | The Marketers Place in Mergers & Acquisitions
August | GDPR, CCPA - Data Compliance

AAM Publications

Additional tips and valuable resources can also be found in the association's quarterly publication, Growth Strategies: The Journal of Accounting Marketing and Sales and the monthly e-newsletter, AAM Minute. The upcoming topic for the publication will include:

Growth Strategies

Spring | Next Generation: Succession planning, Internal communications, Marketing career development

AAM Minute

June | The Marketers Place in Mergers & Acquisitions
July | AAM Summit Recap
August | GDPR, CCPA & Data Compliance

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 to subscribe to these publications, and to learn more about the association or to discover the many other benefits associated with becoming a member of AAM. If you would like to connect with one of our subject matter experts with regard to these topics, please contact Lauren Clemmer at 443.640.1061 or email lauren@accountingmarketing.org.