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Upcoming AAM Programming Delivers Education on Creating Great Content, Accounting Firm Culture and New Member Resources

By Rhonda Clark posted 10-17-2019 12:07


October 17, 2019 | LEXINGTON, KY - The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), the leading trade association committed to providing educational opportunities for marketing and business development professionals in the accounting industry, has announced its upcoming educational sessions. 

"We are excited to wrap up this year with events and programming that will enhance marketers' innovation skills and provide insight on promoting content within a firm," said Lauren Clemmer, AAM's executive director. "AAM is thrilled to provide these opportunities to help advance the growth of our members." 

Below is a list of programs offered through the fourth quarter of 2019, incorporating three 45-minute virtual campfire events that deliver a deeper understanding of advisory boards, social media strategies, and focuses on goals for the new year. 

Membership is required for most of these programs, but non-members, including media, are invited to consider attending as well, when permitted. 

October 16 | Virtual Campfire: Masterminds & Advisory Boards
This 45-minute virtual campfire provided insight on whether you're being innovatively challenged or getting critical feedback from like-minded peers, or a group that resembles or thinks like your ideal clients. Professional masterminds and advisory boards serve an important role for executives. Is your firm participating or hosting these? How was it chosen, how is it run and what are some of the outcomes? 

October 24 | AAM New Member Roundtable
Join us for this 45-minute open discussion about what it means to be an AAM member, as well as industry trends and challenges, at our New Member Roundtable on October 24! This roundtable will be hosted by the Member Growth committee. 

October 30 | AAM High! Webinar - Unlock Your Firm's Content Potential
Creating and marketing content that sets firms apart requires the right tools and the know-how to use them. In this AAM High! three accounting marketers will share their most effective content marketing tools. Abbey Kanellakis will focus on how to work smarter, not harder, to reveal content that's hiding in plain sight. Dana Bottorff will provide a how-to overview of writing tools that set your content apart and give your firm a distinctive voice in the marketplace. And Christian Moises will share insights to build your relationship with the media, help you successfully pitch your firm's content to business and trade media, review what pitches work, and how to leverage "brand journalism." Join us for this 1 hour and 15-minute webinar to learn about the keys that can unlock firm's content potential. 

November 12 | AAM High! Webinar - Surveying Accounting Firm Culture: Results, Blind Spots and Marketing's Role in Improvement
Earlier this year, INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) completed an anonymous Excellence in Firm Culture assessment of 2,000 staff at 21 accounting firms. Questions were centered on 12 cultural qualities that are critical to business success, according to IPA's survey partner, CultureIQ. Join IPA Publisher Kelly Platt for an AAM High! Webinar where attendees will learn:

  • The cultural qualities that are critical to a firm's success.
  • The results and insights gained from IPA's initial assessment - how large firms differ from smaller firms, how the perceptions of women and men differ, and where accounting firms excel and where they lag behind. 
  • The opportunities - and the blind spots - about improving firm culture.

November 20 | Virtual Campfire: Social Media Strategies
Register for this 45-minute virtual campfire to learn more about social media strategies. From the social platforms in which we participate, to how we target and reach our potential clients and recruits, to optimizing on each platform, these considerations must be adjusted often. Where is your firm participating, how is it managed and reported on for each platform, and what results are you seeing? 

December 18 | Virtual Campfire: New Year's Resolutions & Trends
Join us for this 45-minute virtual campfire where we will reflect on accomplishments and change. What were some of the biggest lessons learned for you this year? What will your firm be doing differently? Which industry or service verticals have changed? What is your biggest focus for next year? 

Beyond these noted sessions, AAM has newly scheduled programming beginning in January 2020. Learn more about upcoming events and programs on AAM's Upcoming Events page

The association also offers other high-quality resources and learning materials for accounting marketers and business developers including the AAMplify! Podcast, the AAM Minute, a monthly electronic newsletter, and Growth Strategies, the quarterly journal of accounting marketing and sales thought leadership.   

Contact AAM at info@accountingmarketing.org to learn more about our educational resources dedicated to the growth of people and practices throughout the accounting industry.  If you would like to connect with one of our subject matter experts with regard to these topics, please contact Rhonda Clark at 859.402.9759 or email rhonda@accountingmarketing.org

The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) is a national trade association and one-of-a-kind network of marketing, business development and growth strategists. The association was formed in 1989 to provide education, community and resources for accounting firms, CPAs, consulting firms and sales professionals, partners, firm administrators and representatives of businesses offering products and services designed for the accounting industry and marketing professionals. AAM is dedicated to promoting excellence and elevating the professional stature of marketing, business development and other practice growth professionals at all career levels by directly impacting their professional development and careers through education, networking and thought leadership to grow people and accounting practices. Learn more about AAM at www.accountingmarketing.org.

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