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Upcoming AAM Programming Delivers Education on Professional Development, Technology and New Member Resources

By Rhonda Clark posted 02-07-2020 15:20


February 7, 2020 | LEXINGTON, KY – The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), the leading trade association committed to providing educational opportunities for marketing and business development professionals in the accounting industry, has announced its upcoming events and programming. 

“We are thrilled to announce our new educational events that will give marketers the skills they need to develop personally and professionally ­­in the accounting industry,” said Jen Lemanski, president of AAM. 

Below is a list of programs offered through the first quarter of 2020, incorporating events that will focus on personalizing your marketing strategies and help keep you up to speed with marketing trends. 

Membership is required for most of these programs, but non-members, including media, are invited to consider attending as well, when permitted.

February 19 | Virtual Campfire: Personalization  
This 45-minute virtual campfire will provide insight on how we learn about our clients and potential clients and offer better, more personalized experiences can be crucial to wins and client loyalty. How are you segmenting and personalizing marketing and messaging? What processes and tools help your teams do that?

February 25 | AAM High! Webinar: Proven Marketing Tactics Used by Other Professional Service Industries
This webinar steps outside of the accounting profession and talks with professional services firms in other industries from marketers who work in advertising, engineering, architecture and nonprofit firms.  When partners want more of the same and marketing with tried-and-true tactics is the path of least resistance, accounting marketers may end up overlooking new opportunities. Join us for this 1 hour and 15-minute webinar to hear best practices and new approaches hosted by Project Manager and Partner with Design Rangers, Sam Minneti and U.S. Army Major (Retired) JP Arnold. 

March 10 | New Member Welcome Call
Join us for this 60-minute open discussion about what it means to be an AAM member. You will get the opportunity to connect with new members, review member benefits, learn about AAM Connect, and ask questions. This roundtable will be hosted by the Member Growth committee.  

March 18 | Virtual Campfire: Professional Development
Investing in personal and professional development is critical in all areas of professional services firms. Whether we're keeping up with fast-moving marketing trends, or having a hand in mentoring or coaching of our wider firm teams, we all find a need to be lifelong learners. Join us for this 45-minute virtual campfire and learn what role your marketing and growth team take in your teams' development. 

March 26 | AAM High! Webinar: ABCs of KPIs for CEOs: How to Tell the Data Story for Marketing Results
Are you struggling with developing marketing reports that tie to the business revenue? Data rich but insight poor…. How can you monitor and report on impactful metrics that have a direct correlation to the business objectives. ABCs of the KPIs for the CEOs highlights the process of determining which metrics are meaningful and how to highlight successes, predict results, and focus your marketing efforts. Join us for this 45-minute webinar hosted by Suzanne Reed. 

April 15 | Virtual Campfire: Favorite Apps
Technology is critical to our marketing and business development processes and can help us execute faster, smarter or cheaper. Join us for this 45-minute virtual campfire for a chance to hear discussions about marketer’s favorite pieces of software, web and mobile apps. 

The association also offers other high-quality resources and learning materials for accounting marketers and business developers including the AAMplify! Podcast, the AAM Minute, a monthly electronic newsletter, and Growth Strategies, the quarterly journal of accounting marketing and sales thought leadership.   

Contact AAM at info@accountingmarketing.org to learn more about our educational resources dedicated to the growth of people and practices throughout the accounting industry. 

The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) is a national trade association and one-of-a-kind network of marketing, business development and growth strategists. The association was formed in 1989 to provide education, community and resources for accounting firms, CPAs, consulting firms and sales professionals, partners, firm administrators and representatives of businesses offering products and services designed for the accounting industry and marketing professionals. AAM is dedicated to promoting excellence and elevating the professional stature of marketing, business development and other practice growth professionals at all career levels by directly impacting their professional development and careers through education, networking and thought leadership to grow people and accounting practices. Learn more about AAM at www.accountingmarketing.org.