A/B Tests that Produce Real Results and Boost Engagement

When:  Mar 27, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM (ET)

Email marketing—from newsletters to personalized, mass email outreaches is an essential part of accounting marketing. Doing it well, knowing what works (or doesn’t) is critical to the success of each effort.

  1. Testing different variables through a basic A/B split test can help accounting firm marketers develop more effective communications. By testing two versions of an email, web page or other marketing tool, marketers can assess which one produces the best results, and implement the successful one. But watch out! There are some basic but critical elements to setting up a test correctly.  

In this AAM High webinar, we will hear from AAM board member Cheryl Bascomb on how to create A/B tests that improve your email marketing results. Bascomb started her marketing career at Maine icon L.L. Bean in direct marketing where A/B split tests were fundamental to optimizing Bean’s marketing efforts and catalog performance. Since then, she has applied her research and testing skills to marketing efforts for BerryDunn in Portland, Maine.

 In this webinar, Bascomb will:

    • Discuss the many considerations that should be taken into account to develop A/B tests that are conclusive, meaningful and replicable.
    • Provide examples of successful A/B tests for things like email formats, subject line lengths and email personalization.
    • Offer information on how you can create A/B split tests and how to analyze and use the resulting data in your own marketing campaigns.

Attendees will leave this webinar with enough information to conduct their own A/B tests at their firms. Register today to learn how to bring scientific methods to your marketing, improve engagement and provide firm leaders with results that they’ll appreciate.


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