AAM High! Webinar: Grow the Bottom Line by Conducting Structured Client Mining with Bob Lewis

When:  Jun 5, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM (ET)

Do clients view your firm as a business advisor and problem solver or as their auditor or tax provider? Compliance services are a major source of revenue, but if a firm is not building the value of the client, they become a commodity subject to the value of the personal relationship.

This session will discuss transforming efforts to shift deeper into advisory services. It is difficult to charge premiums and value bill compliance services. Technology and artificial intelligence will continue to automate tasks, which will shrink those revenue streams.


Bob Lewis, President of The Visionary Group will show you how to tap into the power of your existing clients. Client mining adds customer value, engages staff in the growth process, and creates firm revenue. Engaging staff in a common business development mission, boosts engagement, helps reduce staff turnover, and trains future leaders.


Attendees will leave this webinar with:

  • A clear understanding of common growth challenges and ideas to overcome them.
  • An understanding of “impaired leverage” and how it impacts growth efforts.
  • Client mining techniques that grow the firm while helping clients.
  • Knowledge to groom succession professionals and help retain the firm’s legacy.
  • The ability to persuade partner teams to expand advisory services and use this approach to involve staff in the firm’s future.


The Visionary Group works exclusively with CPA firms. Bring your partners to this AAM High webinar and leave with the building blocks of a formal outreach initiative for existing clients. 800.995.9186 www.ThinkVisionary.com

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Patricia Spencer
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