AAM High! Webinar: Business Development through the CX Lens

When:  Jan 20, 2022 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)

Client development opportunities often fail when we lack authenticity, ignore the emotional reasons for buying, and make the process feel routine or mechanical. Developing new business is more successful and more rewarding when we approach it through the lens of client experience, transforming revenue generation into an act of service (solving for human needs around a purpose) versus an act of selling. This webinar will explore ways to infuse the client experience into the sales process, leading to stronger relationships and better sales results.

Learning Objectives:

Webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify the pivotal role emotion plays in our everyday buying decisions
  • Apply empathy and storytelling in meaningful ways
  • Ask strategic discovery questions and actively listen to uncover needs and opportunities
  • Create value-added moments that develop trust and confidence
  • Effectively align expectations around pricing, outcomes, and more to avoid delivering negative surprises
  • Successfully onboard clients in a way that offers reassurance and demonstrates dependability


Alyson Fieldman - Chief Marketing Strategy Officer, Marcum LLP
Jennifer Carro - Director of Client Experience, Marcum LLP

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